Apadravya Experience


In August 1999 I got an apadravya, a vertical glans piercing. Keith Alexander, who was then working out of DV8 in Manhattan, did the piercing.

History & Motivation

I had been debating and deciding between various genital piercings for some time before I finally decided on an apadravya. I chose this particular piercing because of favorable reports and experiences I had found in researching both the male and female perspective on various piercings - the majority of these experiences were found on BME and rec.arts.bodyart. Another factor in choosing the apadravya was the lowered likelihood of interference with urination (i.e. dripping from Prince Alberts) and that it seemed that many people who got Prince Albert piercings eventually extended them into apadravyas. The apadravya has a long history and is even mentioned in some ancient sex manuals. My own interest in genital piercing was one of sexual experimentation and enhancement.

Prelude to the Procedure

In late 1997 I had already decided that I wanted the apadravya and had found the piercer I wanted to perform it, Keith Alexander. I traveled to his shop in Brooklyn at this time with the idea of doing both my septum and apadravya at once but ended up only getting the septum for lack of a suitable barbell for the apadravya. It would take nearly two years before I managed to get the piercing due to various scheduling and travel details. On August 4th, 1999 I called Keith and arranged to meet him at DV8 with my new anatometal barbell and get the piercing done the next day. The morning of the 5th I drove down to Manhattan, with an hour delay due to a mistake in my mapquest directions, and met Keith and my friend Gregg at DV8. Gregg was my roommate and housemate throughout college at Hartwick and is one of my best friends in the world. He currently teaches art in New Jersey and came into the city to see me and offer some support if needed - he also took pictures during the procedure. I gave Keith my jewelry and while he set to cleaning and autoclaving it, Gregg and I went around the corner for a light lunch of pizza. On the way back to the shop we got coffee for Keith, which including me having to repeatedly explain to a clerk that I wanted black coffee - "yes, no cream, no sugar, just coffee". Upon our return to DV8 all was prepared. I asked Keith about boxers v briefs during the healing, I usually go without either, and he suggested trying both and seeing what worked since opinions vary.

The Procedure

Keith is a good friend and I have the utmost confidence in his ability as a piercer so I was very much at ease and the whole procedure was quite a relaxed affair. While preparing the skin for the piercing we talked about the Trojan war - the conversation was inspired by the golden apple tattoo next to my genitals. Keith made marks, which I confirmed, and then told me to let him know when I was ready. The piercing was done at 10 gauge and went quickly - though the sensation was quite intense. I guessed by feeling that it was about 2 seconds long but in reality it took a second or less. I did moan audibly, actually I was trying to call out "Keith is touching me" - but my poor attempt at humor was squelched by the intensity of the sensation. With the needle through, Keith gave me a moment to rest before inserting the jewelry. The moment ended up actually being a few minutes as I started running off on a tangent - Keith interrupted me by suggesting I stick with the needle. I liked the idea, it looked pretty cool, but obvious 'snagging' issues made me go for the jewelry instead. Insertion took barely a moment and was nice and smooth. A glove was placed over my penis with a rubber band to catch and bleeding and I was done.

Aftermath & Aftercare

I hung around DV8 for awhile and then drove back up to Albany after the piercing. I was bothered by soreness while walking or driving and removed the glove when I got back to my apartment about four to five hours later. There had been some bleeding but nothing significant. I took a shower for the first cleaning and also took it for a 'test drive', which was a bit sore but felt very and resulted in somewhat pink and bloody ejaculation. My aftercare consisted of twice daily cleanings and multiple warm salt water soaks. I wore briefs to hold everything in place and only had minimal soreness. For the first week I did get some bleeding overnight, probably from nocturnal erections and tossing in my sleep, but the amount was not excessive and was considerable reduced by the third night. By the fourth day I was working at the bar I lived above at the time doing a great deal of lifting, running around, etc without any impediment from soreness.
In early 2000, about February or March, I stretched the piercing to an eight gauge. I performed the stretch in the shower and while it wasn't anywhere near as intense as piercing, it was certainly the most notable stretch for any piercing I have ever had.


From the first test in the shower that night after getting the piercing I have been very happy with it. My girlfriend also gives it a very favorable review. I am planning on stretching further in the future.