The Lizardman's unique physical appearance is the result of an ongoing body modification project which began with initial concept and design over decade ago. This transformation has utilized not only traditional forms of body art, often taken to extreme levels, such as tattooing and body piercing but has also involved relatively new procedures such as 3d art subdermal implants and innovative surgical procedures such as tongue bifurcation.

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The Lizardman's tongue was surgically bifurcated by an oral surgeon using an argon laser. This was probably the first surgical tongue splitting with other individuals achieving similiar results at about the same time with different methods. The Lizardman is generally credited with playing a significant role in the development and awareness of this procedure.


The Lizardman has undergone approximately 650 hours worth of tattooing, covering him top to bottom, face included, with reptilian scales and black markings. The initial work was performed by Mad Pup of Mad Pup Tattooing in Plattsburgh, NY from 1994-2001. In 2002, after having moved to Austin, The Lizardman turned to Mike Tidwell of Obscurities in Dallas, TX who now continues the work. The Lizardman had his eyelids tattooed in 2002 by Jessica at Frobidden Fruit in Austin, TX. In January of 2003 Spider Webb added a small 'x' under The Lizardman's eye at AMJAM. In January 2004, at AmJam, The Lizardman's lips were tattooed by Ms Vicke.



 Earlobes: 1 inch

Septum: 1/2 inch 


The Lizardman currently wears jewelry in the stretched piercings of his earlobes and septum. Previous piercings, now removed, have included an eyebrow, both nipples (double pierced), and genital piercings.



Subdermal teflon implants form horned ridges over each eye, the result of a five hour procedure performed by Steve Haworth.

A cosmetic dentist using a standard dental drill filed four of The Lizardman's teeth to sharp points.