Meghan and I took a vacation, my first non-working trip in years, together in November 2003 to Las Vegas. We played the slots, wandered up and down the strip, saw some shows, went to the wax museum, and on Nov 19th (our 4 year anniversary) - we got married by Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!


 Meghan in the hotel room

 Our view from the Tropicana Tower



 Almost not working

 Slayer Laminate


 Souvenirs from the Houdini Museum

 Wedding Limo

 Wedding Rings

 Lion Cub (at MGM)



 Meghan outside Luxor

 Meghan outside Luxor

 Slot Machine Junkie (note the name)

 Dragon drink at Excalibur



 Lion habitat (at MGM)

 Animatronic Crocodile (at MGM)

 Animatronic Python (at MGM)

 Meghan with wax michael jackson



 Me and wax don king

Meghan along the strip

 Meghan outside excalibur

 Siegfreid & Roy Tiger Habitat


 Meghan & wax shaquille oneil